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Friday, October 3, 2008

Learning to deal with today's world

No matter where I am at, or where I try to get a job, there will be someone that will discriminate or turn me down. I have an opportunity to have an interview tomorrow and hopefully I will land a part time job. I just want a chance to work and earn money to support my family and give my kids more than what I had when I was a child. I have to learn to be pateince to get what I need in my life. God have been so good to me and I forget what God has done for me. I need to remember that God has a plan for me in my life and that His time is perfect for me. God knows everything I need and I need to learn to Trust in Him in my life.

Just Writng!

I am just sitting here on my chair by the kitchen at 2:23 in the morning wondering what it would be like to have if I was still living on SSI. I will probably be depressed! I am so fortunate and blessed to be married to my wonderful wife who put up with me every single day and I ask myself, "how could she love a jerk like me?". I would chuckle everytime that thought come to my mind. Being a deaf husband and a father (well Hard of Hearing) with a deaf wife and 2 hearing children plus another baby girl on the way, is a huge challenge. I am trying my best to be a good husband and a good father. It's not easy to change the way I am. But if I can change to better myself and to improve my fatherhood and husbandhood, i am all for it. October is already here and almost 2 plus more months to go before the baby's born. Can't wait to see our new baby girl face. May God bless her and help me Lord to make me a stronger, better, and more loving father everyday.

Dissappointed day!

what a day! I didn't get hired at UPS becuase they needed to make sure that I am there everyday! Since the Holidays are coming up, they don't care if I am sick or whatever, I MUST come to work everyday until the after the New Year. It was a frustrating day for me because I was hoping for a part time job to earn a little extra money for the family. Oh well, everything happenes for a reason! May this job is not meant for me!