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Tuesday, July 28, 2015

A boy!

Finally, a boy!  7 lbs 14 oz!  Chunky little kid!  I am such a proud daddy.  

It was so surreal knowing that we have an new addition into the family.  He was born on May 21st at 3:15 AM and I will be honest, before seeing what gender it will be, I still assumed that it was going to be a girl because we kept on getting girls! 

As a father, I am determined to raise and train him as the Lord see it.  I want my boy to be a man of God who can stand his ground for our Lord Jesus Christ and proclaim the Gospel both worlds, the deaf and the hearing.  But whatever he chooses to do with his life, I am still going to be there for him as long as I am alive.  Just like with my girls, they are all my babies and we as parents will support them and keep on loving them. 

I love you son!  Thank you Lord for sending me a son!

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