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Sunday, October 21, 2007

Surviving through trials in my life.

Growing up around hearing people was hard. My family and realitives were very loving toward me. Making friends on Okinawa was pretty difficult. I couldn't speak japanese well, i couldn't hear well, and people treated me differently all just becuase I am deaf or an amputee. They would beat me up, spit on me, and they would call me all kind of names they could think of to hurt my soul. Sure I would have alot of "so called friends" to play with me as long they get what they wanted and after that, they immdiately become my enemies. It's sad thing to experience.

The best thing that happened to me is when I went to Okinawa Christian School. Thing changed and of course I had a lot of crushes LOL but they prefered "normal" guys. So since I was not "normal", i realized that there weren't going to be much friend available for me. Thinking back, i didn't have much friends, cause they were not deaf like me. They can communicate with each other while I couldn't and the sad thing is, I was the only "deaf" one in that school.

Sure, I made few friends but even so, they still didn't communicate with me as much as i would like them too. So here I am, trying to predict my own future if I am doing to die a lonley man or make something out of myself. But the best thing I particpated was the Stepin' Out. It helped me make a little more friends but I was an angry person and didn't want them to assoicate with me during that time. Hope all of them will forgive my hidden years long anger I have held inside me. Just if you all are reading this, I love you all and God bless you!

I left OCS in 95 because my father retired and I wanted to leave behind all the pain and sufferings. Little did I know, i was going to face the same situation in the states, only worse. Going to college was hard, thanks to my sister, she helped me through it. We both recieved an Associates Degrees in Accounting and I was proud of us. Getting a job was the hardest thing. They wouldn't hire me all beacuse I can't hear! Now looking back in my younger years, this is the same situation i didn't want to get into. I needed a job, so my father helped me and landed a job in an accounting firm. 3 years I worked for this firm and getting lower pay than a secretary. The co worker was getting more income than I and I was doing more work than ususal. Sometime i would work for more than 100 hours a week and it was killing me while I was seeing everyone leaving at 5 PM and have weekends off. At that time, I was married to a wonderul Deaf woman! And we just had a baby girl (god bless her) and my health was going down.

Since the firm won't give me a fair pay and still expected me to do the work of 3 poeple who have either been fired or resigned and I jsut got back from my vacation, i resigned beacuse the boss already said "if you don't like it, find another job" so I did.

More to come about my life, until next time!

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