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Tuesday, October 3, 2017

North Korea to bring "nuclear clouds" to Japan.

It concerns me to hear that North Korea threatened Japan with "nuclear clouds".  Japan have suffered a great deal during World War 2 in the 1940's.  Not only that, the nuclear reactors in Japan have been compromised during the terrible earthquake in 2011 and just recently, had a big one on September 20th with 6.1 magnitude. 

Japan have suffered enough!  I hate to see the beautiful people of Japan living in fear and anxiety.  They are, in my opinion, one of the most peaceful people in the World.  They mind their business from the world, they work hard, and they wants to keep the peace with the world.  Now, because of what North Korea is doing, they are gearing up to do what they can to survive and protect themselves from what they feared the most, The North Korea Bombs. 

What did Japan do to deserve that type of threat?  I don't see anything threatening about Japan.  Okinawa, Japan will always be my home.  I have families and friends with great memories. I can't imagine what they are feeling or thinking.  I am sure a lot of them are getting sick from worrying and all that anxiety building up inside their souls.  All they want is a peaceful society. 

It's time for United Nations to step in and stop the Nuclear plans that North Korea have against not just Japan and us in America but to the world.  It's scary!  I look at my kids and said to myself, "God, please protect us."  I can't imagine the radiation killing us if the impact didn't get to us.  I can't imagine what the Japanese people went through after getting struck with 2 atomic bombs.  Yes we won the war, but the aftermath and the consequences were horrible.  No one deserves to die a gruesome death caused by any type of nuclear bomb. 

Please United Nations, stop the plans of North Korea and protect us from the doom that can be preventable. 

That's my prayers for today, for the world, to stop the destruction that North Korea have planned against us and our allies. 

Monday, October 2, 2017

Mass Shooting at the Strip of Las Vegas.

I woke up this morning to get my girls ready for school.  It was still dark outside and I was about to boil some water to make a pot of coffee.  I opened my Facebook app on my samsung galaxy phone and saw a terrible news:  The Las Vegas Shooting that had 50 plus killed and 200 plus injured. 

I sat down on the metal folding chair in the kitchen and I was shocked and saddened by the news.  I was thinking to myself, "why in the world did it happened?".   I know we live in a very angry and cruel world. 

According to the many different news, a 64 years old man, Stephen Paddock,  fired out of his room at the Mandalay Bay Resort and Casino before he commit suicide by turning the gun to himself. 

This is the worse and the deadliest mass shooting in the history of our country.   The second deadliest mass shooting was at the Orlando Nightclub in Florida that killed 49 and wounded 53 people that night.

We all need to come together as One Nation Under God and put the negative thoughts and emotions aside and realize that the only way we can find or bring joy and peace in the USA, is by forgiveness and respect for all races.

Remember to tell your love ones how much you love them and embrace them.  Yesterday, the families have lost their loved ones in one of the worse way imaginable.   Let's pray for their comfort and healing. 

Sunday, October 1, 2017

Looking out the window.

I was looking out the kitchen window while taking a sip of my coffee.  Missing the old days in Okinawa, Japan where there are beaches, children's zoo, and many places to go.  The weather was always just right, in the seventies and eighties degrees temperature. 

I remembered the walk to the bus stop and taking a trip to Ginowan or Nago to see my buddies there and we would chat and get some dango (sweet Japanese dumpling made from mochiko) and have some cold unsweetened tea.  We would play some soccer and Nintendo games like Mario Bros or Street Fighter.  Sometimes, we just enjoy the weather and enjoy the peaceful day.

One of the best memories were going to Moon Beach .  I would go with some buddies and we would pack our bags and some snacks then take a bus to the beach early in the morning.  We would take the bus, stop by a small family owned convenient store to buy some cold drinks and some sweet bread. 
After we got some stuff, we would walk to the beach, swam, walk by the shore and just chat away.  Then after we are done having our fun at the beach, we would stop by the ramen restaurant and have a bowl of soba noodle for 200 yen.  Then off to home we go! 

Looking out the window at nighttime and staring at the stars made me realized how blessed I am.  As I turn to look at my wife enjoying her game on her smartphone, while I am writing this blog, made me realized that I am living a good life.  Having 5 wonderful crazy kids and home in Oklahoma given me the privilege to be a husband and a father.   God have also blessed me with a purpose of being a minister to the deaf.

It has been 22 years since I lived on the Rock. But my real home is with my loving wife and 5 children.  I also am having the privilege to be an Independent Associate for Legal Shield that enables me to help those who need legal and identity theft protection. 

So when you look out your window , remember to thank God for all the blessings and enjoy the beautiful weather God have given you.  Living life is a privilege.  Being alive is a gift.  Count your blessings and always remember, family is a treasure that you should not take for granted.

Saturday, September 30, 2017

Victim of Identity Theft.


I was a victim of Identity Theft.  I never thought in a million year that I would be one of million victims. 

I got a letter from Social Security Administration office saying that my income will cease due to making an attractive income in the state of California.  I was in shocked and wanted to get this resolved.  So here I am in living in the great state of Oklahoma while the man who is using my identity, was working in a factory somewhere in the Golden State.   My ID theft caused my SSD income to stop, my anxiety to increase, and I was worried about how I was able to pay my mortgage, the food to feed my family, and another sign of being a victim was that person draining my bank account little by little, just enough for me not to even noticed! 

I went to Social Security office in  Poteau, OK.  It's about an hour south of where I live.  I went in, put in my SSN number in some kind of computer and when one of the caseworkers called my number, they brought me into a cubic type of office and then they began to give me series of questions.  The best question was, "Why are yo working in California yesterday?" I was about to laugh but i remained calm and told them, "If I was working in California and making good money, why would I be here?"  He laughed with me and asked me for proof that I was  living in Oklahoma So I gave her my proof of residence, my bank statement, and some other documents to prove that I wasn't living nor working in California for years.  The last time was when I was a toddler while my father was stationed there as a Marines. 

Then out of the blue, my friend of mine who went to college with me, saw me and asked what I was doing here.  I told her the situation and she told them that I am from Sequoyah County.  And she looked at the years and it has been 4 years that my identity was being stolen from me.  So he put a red flag warning  to let the factory know that my SSN was being used against me and sent out the investigation to the factory where he was working.

The person who stole my identity was another guy from Mexico and he was an illegal alien using my identity.  Which made sense because I am Mexican-American with Spanish last name.  To my knowledge, he has been arrested and been taken care of in California. 

If I had known about Legal Shield and the identity theft protection program it has, I would have wish I have gotten this sooner and be protected.  Now as a Legal Shield Independent Associate, I want to ensure that people have this IDShield App.  As a matter of fact, I encourage everyone to have this app. 

Be protected and do not be another victim of Identity Theft.  It can ruin you and affect you life in negative ways.

Monday, February 22, 2016

The Dribble Queens

I am so proud of my oldest daughter, Amanda and the Dribble Queens!  They have done such a great job this season!  I want to thank Brad Reeves for doing an awesome job coaching the team! 

Friday, January 22, 2016

Resolutions for New Year 2016

It's amazing how the year 2015 went by fast!  So many new things have happened to myself and my family.  But that's history and now looking forward to a great year of 2016!

The best thing that ever happened to us in 2015 was Isaac being born.  He is such a blessing to all of us!

My new year 2016 resolutions are:

1) Becoming more serious in writing. 

2) Getting my Masters in Theology

3) Possible becoming an author!

Hope you all have a great year and stay out of trouble! 

Wednesday, November 18, 2015

Ike is getting big!

Almost 6 months old already!  27 inch and almost 18 pounds.  I am so proud of my boy!  God have surely blessed us with 5 beautiful children!